rich-balswick-1980-Gold-MedalRich Balswick is a credentialed teacher who taught at Los Altos High School for 10 years. During his playing career he was a National Open Division MVP award winner and a 3 time All-American fastpitch pitcher. Rich also participated in 3 Olympic sports festivals, and was a member on 3 National Championship teams.

For the past 21 years, Rich has been a full-time fastpitch pitching instructor. Over the course of that time he has produced well over 100 college pitchers, a national Gatorade player of the year, two state Gatorade players of the year as well as dozens of regional and all-state pitchers. Annually he generally has between 3 to 5 of the top 20 high school pitchers in ERA and strikeouts in the state of California and does so by consistently developing many of the region’s top pitchers.

A Unique Approach

By studying the world’s best pitchers, having been mentored by the game’s best minds, Rich has developed a unique approach to the dynamics of fastpitch pitching. His approach is to teach a “whip” action rather than the common “forced” action.

“When we see distortion in delivery and inconsistency in ball placement, much of it is attributed to an inefficient effort being made to power the ball.”
– Rich Balswick